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French Restaurant & Wine Bar in Victoria, London

“Everything I know about food and dinner parties was taught to me by my beautiful Grandmother, known to all as, Antoinette” said co-owner Aurelia. “Our menus showcase her love for authentic French cuisine, every dish is prepared with the same love and joy that my Grand-Mère imbibed into our family dinners.” 

“As a child, she used to prepare delicious tartines in her kitchen just for me. After living in London for five years, I became homesick and those memories came fluttering back. After a while, it became clear to me that I had to put all my effort and hard work into my dream of recreating my childhood. So, in 2014 I did it. I brought my Grandmother’s table to Covent Garden, serving delicious authentic French food. Having personally acquired every piece of antique furniture and crockery from all over the country it now sits in Chez Antoinette Covent Garden, providing the atmosphere of my childhood”.

Five years later, joined by her husband, Chez Antoinette Victoria was born.

Chez Antoinette
French Restaurant
London Covent Garden

30 The Market, Lower Piazza, London WC2E 8RE

Monday - Thursday: 10:00am -7:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm


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Chez Antoinette Victoria

22 Palmer Street, London SW1H 0PH

Monday to Saturday: 10:00am — 10:00pm
Sunday: Closed 


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